Course review!

Ken’s courses are very different from the traditional way of learning to which I’m used to. The thing is, the teacher doesn’t actually teach in the classroom. Instead, he is a sort of guide in the process, but the student is the one who learns by himself. It sounds kind of harsh, and I must say I was kind of skepticall at first, but now that I have lived through the process, I have a different opinion.

Not all students learn the same; some do it better by reading a book about the topic, others prefer to watch a video tutorial, others need someone to explain it to them, etc. With this teaching method, students can actually choose the way they want to do it, as well as the pace they want to have, which I personally think it’s awesome since some take longer to understand a concept than others, and that’s ok! The teacher, of course, can help you whenever you have a doubt or need a specific explanation. He also gives the topics we need to study (at least!), and hands weekly problems and quizzes for us to know what sort of things we should be able to do.

Something important to take into consideration if you want to dive into this process of learning is that the student has lots of responsability. The teacher is not going to be behind your back all the time making sure you are working, it’s 100% your decision if you want to get it done or not, and when you are going to do it. You need to be very organised, because since there are no due dates until the last day of the semester, you could procrastinate a lot and end up with bad results. That is why so much flexibility could not be good for everyone, but if you are willing to take it into your own hands and work for it by your own will, you can enjoy it very much.

Just remember, you will gain as much knowledge as you decide.

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