Quiz #11 pt. 2

Here are the other five problems of quiz #11.

Number six was about the fibonacci sequence, also tasked in quiz # 8:


The next one was a function that returned the sum of the squares of a list of numbers:


Problem eight was the same as the babylonian method exercise I did a few days ago:


Next problem consisted of doing a function that finds the number of times the word “banana” is found in a string. My classmate Elu helped me with this, by giving me an idea of how to do it:


And finally, the last question asked for a function that received two numbers and returned their greatest common divisor.

To resolve this, I found the following image in this page:

http://www.eljavatar.com/2014/05/Diagrama-de-Flujo-y-Pseudocodigo-para-Hallar-el-Maximo-Comun-Divisor.html, by a blogger called Andrés Mauricio Barragán Sarmiento “El Javatar”.

Thanks to this flow diagram I was able to write my code:gcdgcd_run

And that’s it! ❤

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