Quiz # 6

This quiz consisted of the next five exercises from the page of quiz # 5.

In problem number six I had to add and multiply the elements in a list. My programming teacher helped me do this by making me think first about the process, step by step, the program has to make in order to get the expected result.

When I finished, it looked like this:


And ran like this:


Problem number seven was about reversing a string. I learned how to do that by looking into these two pages:



This is how I did it:


And how it ran:


The following problem was about indicating if a word is a palindrome (like ‘radar’) or not. After doing problem seven, eight was easy:


Here is how it ran:


Problem nine was about indicating if a value was or not in a list, without using the operator in. Here is how I did it:


And how it ran:


And finally, problem number ten was about comparing two lists and indicating if they had an element in common. After doing problem nine, this one was simple enough:


Here is how it ran:


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