Reading recommendation: Unlocking the Clubhouse

Have you ever wondered why computer science is such a male-dominated environment? Does it have to do with biology, psychology or something more? What is actually behind the gender gap in software development careers?

Unlocking the Clubhouse: women in computing is a book by Jane Margolis and Allan Fisher that analyzes this subject with the purpose of developing a solution. They did this by conducting a five-year-long study in Carnegie Mellon University, interviewing several compuser science students, both male and female, in order to collect data.

I am currently reading this book and I am finding it very interesting, not only for girls in engineering but for everyone who is learning, teaching or working in a computing environment. If you are among any of these categories, go pick it up! And if you are not, go pick it up anyway!

You can learn more about the book here. And remember, knowledge is power!


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