Fun with numbers!

Here I am going to show a program that asks the user for two numbers (integers) and then displays the sum, difference, multiplication, division (with no decimals) and remainder of these numbers. In this program you will be able to identify the inputs and outputs, which I already talked about and explained in a previous blog.

The code for this is as follows:numbers

And it runs like this:


So here, the inputs are 12 and 10, and the outputs are 22, 2, 120, 1 and 2.

3 thoughts on “Fun with numbers!

  1. eugchavez16 says:

    Gina some time ago I decided to use your blog as a mean to clarify my mind and my code. Since I count figure out why my strings where not printing our on the terminal and the terminal told me I had syntax error. However later on I saw that you had print in with p in lower case and I had it with capital P. Thanks Gina!


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